The actress and director Teresita Iacobelli with the director and puppeteer Natacha Belova met in 2012 in Santiago of Chile as part of the La Rebelión de los Muñecos Festival. In 2015, they created a research laboratory around the theater of contemporary puppet, in the same city. At the end of this two-months experience, they decided to create a theater company.


The double game, between an actress and a puppet, allows us to enter the inner and psychic world of Tchaïka, where the fiction is based on a very real situation. This is about the story of Chekhov and the characters who have gone through his own life. The dialogue performed between the puppet-who plays the lead role-and the actress, who speaks to him, gives him his audible voice and also his inner voice - brings the viewer to a real wider questioning about the roles we all play in the scenario of our own lives.

Winner of two prizes of the Art Critics Circle of Chile in 2018; "Best Show" and "Best Actress".

Distribution Agency of Gestural Theater and Objects


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