The actress and director Teresita Iacobelli with the director and puppeteer Natacha Belova met in 2012 in Santiago of Chile as part of the La Rebelión de los Muñecos Festival. In 2015, they created a research laboratory around the theater of contemporary puppet, in the same city. At the end of this two-months experience, they decided to create a theater company.

Point Zero

Point Zéro is an artist collective that formed around Jean-Michel d´Hoop, a theater director who has led numerous projects. In 1993, the company received the Prix Théâtre du Meilleur Spectacle (Theater Prize for the Best Performance) for their first piece “Yvonne, Princesse de Bourgogne” (Yvonne, the Princess of Bourgogne) by Witold Gombrowicz. From 1993 to 1998, they created and ran a new space dedicated to the contemporary production “Les Vétés” (former veterinary school of Anderlecht). Since 2006, Point Zéro has rented a production space in Saint-Gilles. To this date, the collective has put on over 20 productions.

Dos à Deux

Created by two Brazilians, this company has received numerous awards. Today they have two residencies, one in Ile de France and the other in Rio de Janeiro. Founded in 1997 under the leadership of Artur Ribeiro and André Curti, both experienced actors and dancers, Dos à Deux creates a unique artistic unit whose imaginary sail takes them to the frontier of theater, dance, acrobatics and puppetry.

Juan Coulasso y Jazmín Titiunik

Argentinian company, winner of the 2013 Buenos Aires Biennial of Art for its first work. Jazmín Titiunik is a dancer, teacher and choreographer. She studied at the I.S.A. (Colón Theater), the National University of Art and with various teachers. Juan Coulasso is an actor, teacher and theater director. He has studied acting with numerous teachers. Together, they form a talented team that is constantly confronting the contemporaneity of their art.

Duda Paiva

Duda Paiva is a multifaceted comedian who has represented the Netherlands and Brazil in different international dance, theater and animation festivals across the five continents. His company has won over 30 international prizes, and today DUDA PAIVA is regarded as one of the best-known performers in the world.

Pigmaliao Escultura que Mexe

During this company’s performances, the audience is placed in front of a window from where they observe the realities that underlie the layers of culture, revealing the doctrines lead to moral, social and family domination. The company has developed a provocative language, at the boundaries of that which is bearable and subversive. A surprising work that challenges the audience to recognize themselves as objects of pleasure for the elite, as fetishes of the dominant class.

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