Compañía Pigmaliao Escultura que Mexe

During this company’s performances, the audience is placed in front of a window from where they observe the realities that underlie the layers of culture, revealing the doctrines lead to moral, social and family domination. The company has developed a provocative language, at the boundaries of that which is bearable and subversive. A surprising work that challenges the audience to recognize themselves as objects of pleasure for the elite, as fetishes of the dominant class.

The Picture of All of Us Together

A family dresses elegantly to pose for a picture, when they place themselves in front of the camera, the flash reveals the drives and energies that lie beneath those clothes so carefully cleaned and ironed: delirium, secrets, manias and fears so human they disorient us.

Philosophy in the Room

With raw, direct and provocative language, the Pigamalio company presents a text that is more than two hundred years old, and that asks us to question the current validity of social, religious, moral, and working conventions and the submission to the elite.

Cuadro de una familia

Certain to be a family, the components of this picture pose now automatically immortalized. A young couple with two children. At the moment is enought just observe them individually, all analyzes that will be made on each of them will clear the comprehension of the whole which they form.

Distribution Agency of Gestural Theater and Objects


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