Dos à Deux

Created by two Brazilians, this company has received numerous awards. Today they have two residencies, one in Ile de France and the other in Rio de Janeiro. Founded in 1997 under the leadership of Artur Ribeiro and André Curti, both experienced actors and dancers, Dos à Deux creates a unique artistic unit whose imaginary sail takes them to the frontier of theater, dance, acrobatics and puppetry.

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is a trip through life, a subtly orchestrated vision of that which lies between reality and dreams. It is a piece of theater in which the story is enriched by the movement of bodies; by the graze of presences, a truth that rises up out of darkness.
The story is based on the relationship between three brothers and their mother. A woman, who leads a balanced life, accompanies her children with her love and her dreams, and as time goes by, life does its work. The characters allow themselves to be surprised by moments of joy and laughter, as well as by wounds caused by being apart.

Dos à Deux, Second Act

This piece’s theme and two characters, Didi and Gogo, are based on Beckett´s work “En attendant Godot” (“Waiting for Godot”). In it, there is an endless period of waiting in which two lunar clowns wander with a rare poetry and tenderness.
Alone in the world, they await someone who we know will never come, and during this suspended time, they find ways to fill the silence with absurd games, endless quarrels and sweet reunions.


Submerged in an “end of the world” atmosphere, a man lives alone, confined to a room on the last floor of a New York sky rise. Through the window, he sees the outline of a city on the edge of an abyss; one whose inhabitants only go out in emergencies, wearing oxygen masks. Rats invade streets and buildings. Energy is rare, but it is the lack of water that is most difficult to bear. Everything falls into chaos and madness. This day, April 4th 2036, might just be the apocalypse of the world.

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