Duda Paiva

Duda Paiva is a multifaceted comedian who has represented the Netherlands and Brazil in different international dance, theater and animation festivals across the five continents. His company has won over 30 international prizes, and today DUDA PAIVA is regarded as one of the best-known performers in the world.


This piece represents the classic fall of a celestial being in front of a vagabond. The story takes place in a cemetery, where the Angel will create a home. Through this character, we enter an ambivalent world of dreams, curses and revelations. Is the angel a companion, a messenger, a judge?
Angel has conquered the hearts of 27 countries and continues to tour and accumulate prizes.


Bastard is a loose adaptation of "L'arrache - coeur". Just like Boris Vian, who had to invent new words to describe a wild and fascinating adventure, Duda Paiva expands its trademark in theater language through privileged movements, a skilled use of objects, dance elements, and remarkable visual effects. This piece is set in a strange and grim future. Bastard gives life to a series of extraordinary characters who help a lost artist during his journey of self-discovery.

Break a Legend

This piece is a collection of hilarious dance scenes with human-sized puppets. A fresh, vigorous and contemporary cabaret that charms as though it were an experience never seen before.

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