Juan Coulasso y Jazmín Titiunik Compañía

Argentinian company, winner of the 2013 Buenos Aires Biennial of Art for its first work. Jazmín Titiunik is a dancer, teacher and choreographer. She studied at the I.S.A. (Colón Theater), the National University of Art and with various teachers. Juan Coulasso is an actor, teacher and theater director. He has studied acting with numerous teachers. Together, they form a talented team that is constantly confronting the contemporaneity of their art.

Interminable Cinthia

This is an unclassifiable and surprising piece in which different disciplines of the performing arts coexist with unique beauty and harmony. It is a piece capable of immersing us in the story through a scenic dramaturgy where words become one more element of the composition.
In the Argentinian journal La Nación, Moira Soto writes, “There is an anomalous body in this family, Cinthia is a woman in a man´s body, perhaps the member of a group that has already sacrificed itself for the sake of the patriarchal mandate that was established with intolerant rules.”
This piece is at the center of contemporary art and is able to transmit an ideology that questions violence, discrimination and fixed and binary personalities.

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